Let’s go on an adventure...
Let’s go on an adventure...
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During this international flight last week, a usual passenger became a star of the internet because of how incredibly he helped a single mother to calm down her kids. 
Emma Brown, a young South African mother, was on her flight with two little daughters. She was going to see her relatives who were looking forward to meeting their 5-month old niece Mia. Her husband was planning to fly with them in order to help Emma with kids, but unfortunately, he had to cancel on the eve because of some important stuff at work.    
 “Well, needless to say, that I started already preparing myself for the worst when my husband announced he couldn’t fly with us,” said the woman. “Mia was crying all the time, maybe because of my anxiety that she felt. You know, children are very sensitive to their mom’s mood,” Emma continued. 
 “Christina, my almost 4-year old daughter, seemed to feel quite well during the whole check-in process, but as soon as we were on board she suddenly started screaming, repeating ‘I don’t want to fly, take me home!’  To tell the truth, I couldn’t even imagine how to settle everything down. The situation seemed to be desperate.”
When they were already in the air, Emma’s kids calmed down a little but still made a lot of noise deeply bothering other passengers. Some people got different seats in order to move further and not to hear all that. Others used a headset making their music or movies at loud. Whatever decision people made, they surely didn’t want to listen to those children. Being way too emotional, Emma started crying.
With tears in her eyes, the woman saw another passenger making a sign to the flight attendant. It was a middle-aged man, some aisles ahead, who was explaining something to the attendant, pointing time after time on a poor mother. Nobody could imagine that some minutes later that man would become a hero.
“I couldn’t know at all the subject of their discussion, but I was sure they were talking about my daughters. I felt so helpless; I wish I had a magic pill to fall them asleep during all the flight. But suddenly the flight attendant came over and proposed something I could hardly believe.”
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“The attendant said that the gentleman paid for us the upgrade tickets to the First Class compartment as it was less crowded and kids should feel better there. It was a shock for me, of course, I said no at first, but later I realized it was the only way out. I thanked the man, who even helped us to get our bags to the first class seats and to settle everything down”.
“That gentleman helped me to hold Mia while I was putting a seatbelt on my elder girl. Then he took his laptop out of his bag and offered to watch some cartoons with Christina while I was feeding Mia. It was wonderful and finally so quiet that she fell asleep after all.”
“And our hero was so kind with the kids, he told us lots of funny stories, watched several movies with my elder girl. While getting off the plane, he also helped us with the baggage and quickly called a taxi. It was unbelievable."

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