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Kinds on Board Were Driving Their Mother Nuts Until One Passenger Assumed Control over the Situation

It`s almost always big stress for a parent on board to fly with little kids. People can react differently – somebody is irritated, and somebody makes a decision to help.
Such a story happened on an international flight last Thursday when a stranger offered way-worn mother to deal with her children on their first flight.
A 32-years Lesedi and her two daughters were on their way to visit relatives who were looking forward to finally greeting a four-month-old niece. As it should have been, the woman`s husband had had to fly with them, but unfortunately, in the last moment, he was obligated to emergency work.
“As you may guess my first flight with a child in arms and a toddler started with a little freak-out as we boarded the plane. Because of a range of unanticipated events, I hadn`t had an opportunity to breastfeed her before enplanement. So my baby was screaming at the top of her voice, and I could do nothing to comfort her.”
“As for my 3-years old toddler, at first she was excited about the expected flight, but as soon as we boarded she got the willies and started yelling `I wanna get off the plane! Don`t wanna fly!`” she said. “Frankly speaking, I thought the crew would kick us out. Having two children, who were out of their mind, I was making efforts to calm them down. Desperately and in vain.”
After the plane took off kids got calmer, but few passengers were obviously discontent. Lesedi heard one woman two aisles behind her complaining about her kids and asked the attendant to move the seats so that they weren`t able to bother her. Namely, at that time, her emotions run high and tears come out with a gush.
However, not everybody closed their eyes on a woman being in trouble. 52-years old stranger, who were observing screams, panic, mother`s attempts to comfort children and her hopelessness, waved nearer the attendant and made a suggestion…
“I didn`t hear the whole conversation, but I managed to see that the man, talking to the attendant, was pointing towards us. I got more and more stressed out and upset about people`s complaints. Then the attendant approached me and said…”
“The attendant told that Business Class is almost empty and the man suggested paying so we could fly there. To put it mildly, I was perplexed! At first, I was against his burdening with our upgrading tickets costs, but he insisted, and I finally accepted his offer. He also helped us to move all the stuff we had into our new seats.”
“When we got to the Business Class, the man assisted me with the infant, while I fastened the seat-belt for my 3-years old Oni and turned a movie on the tablet, and the flight crew started bringing different snacks. Once she eventually took her ease in a new environment, the man side-tracked her attention, so I could feed.”
“Kids seemed happy and quiet. He spent all the flight with Oni, coloring and watching the movie as well as spoke and showed things outside. It is hard to believe, but he also helped us to get off the plane and saw us off the baggage carousel, holding her little hand in his. It was overwhelming!”
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Tell us your mind - would you a woman with two little kids or would you be annoyed just like others?

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