Let’s go on an adventure...
Let’s go on an adventure...
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Last Thursday a usual international flight became a pure sensation when one of the passengers on board interfered in a ‘single mother with two little monsters on plane’ situation.
Megan Adams, a 33-year-old South African mother, was traveling with her two little daughters by plane. She wanted to visit her sister’s family who haven’t seen her children yet. Since Melissa, the youngest daughter, was born Megan couldn’t travel a lot with a new-born on her hands. But when Megan’s husband suggested he could fly with them too, she thought it would be a great idea to finally show her little baby girl.
“What can I say, the catastrophe started way before we got on board,” Megan said. “My husband had some emergency issues at work, so he had to be present there in person exactly the day we had our flight. So, I panicked already as I was alone with two little children. In addition, I didn’t manage to nurse Melissa before the check-in, and that was the reason why she was screaming all the time”, the woman continued.
“My 3-year-old daughter Jessica, being super calm at the airport, suddenly started crying right before the boarding that she didn’t want to get on the plane! At that moment I thought they would really kick us off the plane”, Megan confessed. Evidently, for poor mother, the situation seemed to be so desperate.
As the plane took off, children became less noisy, but still, there were some passengers who openly showed their disappointment about being on the same plane with these kids. One woman asked a flight attendant to change her seat as it was ‘impossible to stand all that noise’. Another old lady asked for earplugs because she couldn’t get asleep. Seeing how many troubles her children cause to the passengers, Megan burst out in tears.

But at that very moment, a man about 50 years old raised his hand and made a sign to the flight attendant. He suggested a perfect and very generous solution…

“I didn’t hear exactly what he said to the flight attendant, but it was obvious he was talking about us. I started worrying again that one more passenger got angry because of my daughters, but when finally, the flight attendant came and delivered me the message of that man, I was just stunned and speechless.”
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“You can imagine my astonishment when instead of hearing another complain, the attendant told me that Business Class was almost empty and that man proposed to buy for us those seats. I didn’t know what to say, surely at first I refused that generous offer, but he continued insisting, and finally, I gave up. He even helped us to move to our new seats with all our stuff."
“After we entered Business Class department this gentleman approached Melissa and held her while I put a seatbelt on my elder daughter Jessica. Then he gave her the tablet with her favorite cartoons. Meanwhile, the flight crew brought us a lot of snacks. Fortunately, in a new environment Jessica became very calm, the man watched some movies with her while I was quietly feeding Melissa.”
“It was a miracle. Everybody was happy again: my kids, passengers, and the crew. During the flight, the man played and chatted with Jessica. He helped us a lot while getting off the plane and even led us to pick up our baggage. And all the way there Jessica was sitting on his hands. It was awesome.”
Tell us what you think about it - should mothers travel with an infant and a toddler with no one accompanying? What would you do?

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