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Ungrateful children. Aged granny did not expect betrayal at the end of her life

Helen from Manchester, UK raised her children alone. The husband died when their son was born. By that time the couple had already raised a daughter.

Helen worked two jobs in order children to have everything they want. The daughter received a diploma in designing, and the son became a builder. They both got good jobs.

“But once I just lost consciousness. The doctors said that the blood pressure had risen. I was admitted to the hospital for examination. The daughter visited me only once, whereas the son only bothered to call. I was discharged a week later and told not to overwork, but then the children brought me grandchildren,” granny revealed.

“Two months later my legs began to go numb. However, they did not get sick, but it was difficult for me to walk. I asked my son to take me in a car for an examination, but he was always busy, and I called myself a taxi. That was a significant waste for me,” she said.

“I was examined for a long time and carried out various procedures to find out the cause of my illness. It turned out that I have a blood clot in my leg, it impairs blood circulation and is very dangerous for life. Removing it surgically is also an extremely dangerous procedure, so they just told me to be careful.”

At home her daughter and son argued for a long time who should take Helen to live with. “My daughter argued that she had a small apartment and no separate room for me. The son did not yield to her and responded, even though he has a large dwelling, his spouse is pregnant and is unlikely to agree to the mother-in-law move,” she said.

The old granny felt so ashamed that she lived all her life and did not deserve sympathy from children. She  interrupted them and told to leave both. “I don't want to see any of you! I will do fine alone and I am not going to be a burden for you,” she shouted.  

So Helen was left without any care. Alone and ill she was soon taken to the nursing home.

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What do you think of Helen’s children? Who is the cause of the problem: granny’s bad parenting or children’s character?

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