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Let’s go on an adventure...
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Best Places To Visit In Norway

Drive the Atlanterhavsveien (The Atlantic Road)

The Atlanterhavsveien, or commonly known as the Atlantic Road in English is a gorgeous and impressive drive through one of the most beautiful places in Norway.

Connecting the mainland of Norway with the pretty island of Averøya, it’s a great place to drive for the day. Make sure to visit Kvernes Stave Church, too. It’s around 600-years old and one of the oldest in the region.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for Storseisundet Bridge, too.

See the beautiful Hamnøy

Hamnøy in Lofoten has become known, the world over, for its impressive landscape and unspoilt charm… and it’s easy to see why. Possibly one of the most beautiful places in Norway – it’s a spot you should definitely head to without hesitation.

Make sure to visit the tiny little fishing village of Hamnøy which is the oldest in Lofoten. Perched on the edge of the Reinefjord (fjord), it really is a place you shouldn’t miss.

Also, it looks just as impressive in the day as it does at night, especially if you see the northern lights.

Visit the tiny village of Reine

Possibly one of the most beautiful places in Norway – Reine is picture perfect. Nestled on the island of Moskenesøya it is actually part of the Lofoten set of islands and archipelago that’s made this region so beautiful.

For a stunning experience, wrap up warm (with plenty of layers) and head to Bunes Beach, especially at night. Find a nice spot, lay back on the sandy beach and watch the dancing Northern Lights above you. It really is a special experience.

Explore Bergen

Bergen is a great city to explore and one that’s steeped in history. Make sure you wander through the wooden buildings and crooked wharf that is Bryggen (a UNESCO protected site). Ride the Fløibanen (funicular) to see the best sunset over the city and wander around the trails and walkways that criss-cross the mountain tops.

Find polar bears in Svalbard

Perched on Spitsbergen Island in Svalbard, Longyearbyen is a cosy little place that is pretty remote (even by Norwegian standards). Perched high within the Arctic circle, it’s a pretty wild and awe-inspiring place to visit.

From here you’ll be able to join a few designated and responsible tours that’ll take you deeper in the islands on the search for polar bears. Make sure to also include a visit to the North Pole Expedition Museum and see the intimate Galleri Svalbard showcasing local art.

For some tasty grub, head over to Gruvelageret who are known for their delicious dishes.

See the Geirangerfjord

There are many beautiful fjords in Norway. They’re a dime-a-dozen but some just really stand out, don’t they? For me, that’s Geirangerfjord.

Make sure get to the highest viewpoint at Dalsnibba, it’ll take you around 40-minutes to drive but well worth it. Just make sure to pack some thick coats… it gets chilly when you’re this high up.

Much lower down, you can also take a boat over to Seven Sisters Waterfalls and Friaren Waterfall too. They really are gorgeous to see.

For a lovely afternoon hike, make sure you visit Storseterfossen. A waterfall that you can actually walk behind. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Norway.

Hike to Trolltunga

Trolltunga is one of the most beautiful places in Norway for a scenic view. The views across the region are just stunning from the top.

The hike itself is pretty demanding and not for the faint-hearted and you should really consider if your fit enough before heading along the trail. The whole hike will take all day (if not, 12+ hours if you’re a little slower), so make sure you pack lots of supplies and dress responsibly. No one likes a reckless hiker.

Important: Between mid-October to mid-March, you should not hike on the trail. At this time of year, it’s very dangerous and not even recommended for the most experienced of hikers. Always listen to local and official advice.

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