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When Your Husband Is A Scrooge: How A Wife Granted Her Husband’s Last Will

This woman’s dying husband had just one last wish – to be buried with all his fortune. Amelia Clarke has always believed that the last wish of a dying person should be granted, but she wasn’t happy about being penniless for the rest of her life. So she made out a perfect plan…
Henry Clarke, an 86-year-old retired plumber from Birmingham, had worked hard for his entire life and stored all his savings. He never bought nice clothes or good food, considering this a “waste of money”.
Most of Henry’s relatives and friends described him as a real cheapskate. But Amelia has been the man’s caring wife for 52 years and paid no attention this “oddity”. However, she admitted that sometimes it was quite hard to live with such a miser who loved his money more than anything else.
Amelia says: “One day while walking in the nearby park, Henry found a ‎£ 10 bill and was so happy as if he’d won a fortune. For the rest of the day, this old chatter-box wouldn’t shut up about it.”
“Henry’s favorite word was certainly ‘FREE’ and he could spend hours cutting off coupons in the basement just in order to save a few cents.”
“When I was young, I thought that being prudent is a good quality for a man. But as years passed, I realized that it turned into Henry’s terrible obsession with money. He only talked about profit, money, discounts, free coupons… as only there was nothing else in the whole world!” Amelia goes on.
So, when she heard her husband’s last will, the woman wasn’t surprised at all, but she really didn’t know what to do. She understood that if she fulfilled Henry’s last wish, she would be mendicant until the end of her days, so she figured out an ingenious way to avoid it…
When the time has come, she put all their savings to her account. And then she just wrote a check to her deceased husband and put it into the coffin. Thus, Amelia didn’t become poor, and at the same time, she fulfilled her husband’s last will. Isn’t that just brilliant?!
Tell us what you think about this story – has Amelia done the right thing? Was it fair to put a check instead of real money?
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